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An Untitled Story




Game Description

An Untitled Story is the long-awaited platform game by Game Maker developer YMM. It’s almost impossible not to compare this game to Knytt and Seiklus, since it shares a lot of visual, thematic, and gameplay ideas with those classic games.

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Game Info

exploration whimsical exploration-platformer cute Metroidvania  
Date of Release:
August 2007
Game Maker
Also try: Cave Story, Knytt Stories
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Windows: zip 16 MB


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Jabberwock 5
Briefly put, this is one of my favorite games of all time. Indie or commercial, it doesn’t matter. Very few other games have encapsulated the childlike joy of exploration so perfectly, and no others that I know of have been so HUGE about it. This is an enormous game. Unlockables and collectibles are everywhere. The levels are fantastic, whimsical and varied. The graphics, as you can see, are very stylish and fun… I guess some people dislike them, but I find them charming. Which is really the word to describe this game as a whole – charming.

The gameplay has some of the hardcore platforming element that makes YMM’s Jumper games (the first two anyway) unappealing for me, but it’s a smaller dose and it’s combined with a lot of other, gentler things. I like the subtlety and the simplicity of the storyline very greatly… I only wish for a somewhat more fulfilling ending sequence. Even though it is MIDI, I also like the music quite a lot, with the exception of a couple tracks – but there are so many in the game that overall it’s quite a good percentage.

I also really enjoy the hotseat multiplayer in spite of its sometimes screwy controls (both players are on the keyboard) – though that’s just icing on the cake.

All this to say, download it. I can’t imagine that you will be sorry.

Avatar-default 5 Creative Exploration Defined
To put it simply, An Untitled Story is my 4th favorite game of all time, and for plenty of good reason.

The game is one of the most creative exploration games I have ever played. Every screen holds either an interesting new environment, secrets, or a simply enjoyable view. The scribbly art style is one of its greatest achievements, as is makes the limits on area possibilities minimal and secret more well-hidden. The addition of Matt Thorson’s challenging level design makes you earn your right to satisfy your curiosity of what is on every screen, and the boss fights, although often times simple, are without a doubt enjoyable and plentiful(a bonus for me. I LOVE boss fights)

To top it all off, it has a plot line that comes in with perfect timing and is short and sweet (and impossible to give a title to). The characters only appear for a few minutes each yet are able to become lovable in that short time. The ending is at the upmost dramatic, with a last “level” that is not only challenging, but emotionally significant.

Graphics:5/5—unique and enjoyable

Sound:4.5/5—there are one or two distasteful tracks in there, but most of these crude tunes just add to the atmosphere

Control:5/5—solid and simple.

Gameplay:5/5—curiosity, the basis of this game, makes for incredible entertainment value.

Level Design:4.9/5—sometimes frustrating, but always doable. Retains the addictive “I won’t give up!” feeling that the Jumper series induces.

Overall:5/5—This game will take you down a rabbit hole into the biggest doodle known to mankind. Enough said.

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