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Mar 08 2014

Unity of Command

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Avatar-default 5
Superb wargame that does an excellent job of the impossible: making the grognard complexity of hex-based wargames approachable.

The almost single-minded focus on supply routes above all else simply and effectively models breakthroughs, encirclements and pockets extremely well. This leads players to naturally adopt sensible, historical strategies and as you delve deeper into the game and are presented with seemingly impossible demands from the REMFs you develop ever-more bold and daring advances into enemy territory.

The random weather can lead to frustration if your blitz suddenly gets bogged down in mud during the last turn, and the early maps in the original game can feel a little puzzley – once you “solve” each scenario success can be inevitable.

Definitely one to try out if you want something deeper than your usual real-time strategy games or have any interest in wargames at all (board, tabletop or computer).

Feb 11 2014

I Wanna Be the Guy

Tedicon 4 Without a doubt, a game that's WAY too hard for the average gamer.
You know, this game is ridiculously hard; I’ve seen people play it, and it was THAT hard. I mean, the game just isn’t exactly my kind of game, but it’s a game that says “Hey; if you beat me, you’re a hardcore gamer!”; this is a game that isn’t for the casual gamer, and thankfully, it’s free! Here’s why this game is a must try, for the insanely hardcore gamers, and here’s why:

1. The game isn’t exactly a fair challenge, because when you die, you have to start from the checkpoint (and if it’s a bossfight, you have to start the fight ALL over again!)

2. The gameplay is a bit simple; if you want deeper gameplay, I strongly suggest playing the “Battle Kid” games for the NES.

3. This game is free, and has a sense of humor that most people find to be appealing (including me, and if you have the right kind of computer and operating system, then feel free to try it!)

To be honest, this is not the BEST game ever made; this is a ridiculously hard game for the hardcore gamer. Don’t want to play it anymore? If not, then you can see playthroughs that feature hardcore gamers, to demonstrate how the game works, for you.
Feb 04 2014

Super Mario War

Tedicon 4 Not to be mistaken for the offensive pirate game!
Super Mario War (Not to be mistaken for the offensive SNES pirate game “Mario War”) is definitely an excellent game idea; it’s a deathmatch game where you fight your opponent(s) to the death; obviously by jumping on them. The idea’s also an excellent concept, where you can make your own content, for it! This is a must-try, for those who love a good fan-game.
Feb 04 2014

Super Mario Pac

Tedicon 4 Excellent concept, for a fan game!
I remember playing this game, before TIGSource came along; it’s simply well-done. Like Super Mario Sunshine, you use water to power up FLUDD, (your water-powered jet-pack) and use it, to not only fly up, but also shoot water to shoot at the enemies! But of course, you can run out, which is why if you run out, you need to reload your fuel/ammo; this game is a must try, for die-hard Mario fans who want something different, and/or something based on an official game!
Feb 02 2014

Mountain Maniac

Tedicon 5 Truly an 8-Bit style legend, of Indie games!
Mountain Maniac is a simple indie game; you control a very aggressive terrorist who’s on top of a mountain, and you use his big hammer to make boulders, and destroy everything below the mountaintop. Sounds fun? You bet! This game has an excellent concept, and I would strongly suggest this, to anyone who loves a simple 8-Bit style game.
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