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Game Description

Iji is an action-packed platform shooter that features a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses, and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues, and scenes that change depending on your actions. Iji, the protagonist, has superhuman strength and abilities which she can upgrade. She can fight with Nanotechnology, crack systems, and even use her enemies' most devastating weapons against them.

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Game Info

explosions sci-fi story-driven aliens hacking female-lead extras  
Date of Release:
September 2008
Daniel Remar
Game Maker
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Windows: zip 27.2 MB


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Avatar-default 4 A great game with a few quirks
I liked the amount of content in this game. The story is told through cutscenes and scripted conversations, and through logbooks scattered throughout the game. And I appreciated that the story does reflect the choices you make in the game.

Unfortunately, your mode of expression is pretty much limited to killing aliens, so it’s not very clear where the choice-points in the story are.

As far as killing aliens goes, there’s a wide variety of upgrades you can get, which kept me interested in exploring upgrade paths. The fact that you can combine weapon proficiency and cracking skill to create new weapons is a nice touch.

The part that struck me as weirdest about the combat is that you can’t attack while in mid-air. No jump kicks, no shooting at aliens while you jump from platform to platform. This felt like a strange limitation, but I eventually got used to it.

I didn’t have the patience to get to much of the unlockable content. Some of it depends on things which you only have a few tries at before you need to restart the level. Some depends on very specific weapons which I tended to not have on-hand.

But, as I mentioned, there’s plenty of content without going for every last bit of it hidden away, and I played through the game twice.

Linux users will be happy to know this plays well under Wine. See Iji in the Wine AppDB.

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Avatar-default 5 Cinema-worthy Plot
To be honest, the first time I played all the way through Iji, it was mostly for the story. The gameplay and presentation were both great, but the story was just exeptional.

As to why it is so exceptional,that lies mainly in the morals it explores, especially that of killing. Usually killing enemies in videogames brings no thought, no remorse in the player’s mind. In this case, however, the more you kill, the more consequences you see. It can sometimes be tearjerking, especially if you read all of the alien journals (such a brilliant story-telling technique).

The main plot itself, although a seemingly normal sci-fi plot at first, is well written and has plot twists that will definitely surprise most gamers. In addition, it always gives the player emotions for the characters, whether you come to love them or come to love-to-hate them.

The gameplay is well designed, with organized weapon and upgrade systems that, depending on how you use them, open and close paths. This, paired with the numerous well-hidden secrets give this game incredible replay value.

The music in this game always sets the mood, abd is also one of the best videogame soundtracks I’ve heard (especially due to the boss and final boss themes). If I ever finish a game, I need to get Hyperduck Studios (the ones who composed Iji’s music) to write the music.

Oh, and the final boss is the most epic final boss I’ve seen to date. No big deal (That was sarcasm. It IS a big deal).


A few animations are rough and sometimes the characters and the scenery just don’t seem to belong together. However, It earns points for making some scenes so dramatic.


The music is definitely sci-fi, as well as epic as indie game music gets *cough*final boss track*cough*.

Entertainment 4.5/5

The weapon and upgrade systems are well thought out and the secrets are fun to search for. However, the controls seem a bit stiff (you can only walk, not run).


Probably the most cinema-worthy plot I’ve seen in a videogame in years.

Final Boss:5/5

I just couldn’t help but make this something to rate the game by. It is just too epic and too replayable…I think I’m gonna cry!


Despite stiff controls and some roughness in the graphics, this game is epic in nearly every category. Don’t miss it.

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