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RunMan: Race Around the World


RunMan: Race Around the World






Game Description

RunMan's racing around the world.

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running jazz indie-intro humor  
Date of Release:
October 2009
YMM, CoolMoose Productions
Game Maker
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Windows: php 21.4 MB


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Avatar-default 5 Rated L for "Lame"
Seriously, you the game is rated L for “Lame”. CoolMoose (aka Tom Sennet) rated it that himself. Don’t believe me? Well it’s all on this page: http://whatareyouwait.info/download.php

RunMan: Race Around the World (aka RunMan 6) is by far the greatest game Sennet has ever made. Maybe the greatest YMM has ever made too, though I doubt it. This game is all about speed and getting to the finish without dying. Wait a minute, you can’t die! Some people think that platform games aren’t as cool if you can’t die, but I think this game wouldn’t be near as fun if you could. Of course, you can die in boss levels, and that ticks me off, but it goes with the level.

The game has 36 levels, 4 or 5 worlds, and 4 unlockable characters. The point of each level is to get to the finish as fast as possible and with as many points as possible. This is sometimes hard to do. It’s not hard to accidentally finish a level with negative points.

Each level has 3 medals you can get (Bronze, Silver and Gold, of course), and each one is harder to get than the last. If you can get them all, you’re a real gamer.

Tom Sennet mostly worked on the source, graphics and level design, and YMM mostly worked on just level design (though I think he did some other things). The music for the game is the usuall RunMan “country music” that the series is famous for. Actual, the series isn’t famous ‘cause this is the first good game IN the series. Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how long the music credits were.

The story is probably why the game is rated L. That’s not a bad thing, because it’s like the best story anyone could think of for this game.

You might’ve not realized this by reading the review, but this game is a real gem. DOWNLOAD IT!


1. Official RunMan: Race Around the World website: http://whatareyouwait.info/

2. Tom Sennet(aka CoolMoose)‘s website: http://wherecouldtom.be/

3. Matt Thorson(aka YoMamasMama)’s website: http://mattmakesgames.com/

4. RunMan: Race Around the World on TIGSource: http://tigsource.com/articles/2009/10/02/runman-race-around-the-world

5. RunMan: Race Around the World on Pixel Prospector: http://www.pixelprospector.com/indev/2009/07/runman-race-around-the-world/

6. RunMan: Race Around the World on Indie Games: http://www.indiegames.com/blog/2009/10/indie_game_pick_runman_race_ar.html

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Elyon’s Strength,


Tedicon 4 Very cute, yet also fun!
This game is somewhat a unique platformer. There is a total of 5 playable characters, but you have to unlock the other 4, as you play this game. The protagonist himself, is a little star-shaped guy known as Runman, who was going to compete in the race around the world, but after he came in, people quit the race, because they were worried that they’d die of embarrassment, due to how small he is. As the guy who started it was about to give the protagonist the trophy, Runman figured that he should earn it first, so he decides to do it, by himself, on his race around the world! Anyways, there are bosses in the game, but you are supposed to avoid getting harmed by them, as you get to the end of the stage. Why are there no lives? Well, technically, the game is made, so you have infinite lives. Cool, eh?

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