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Survival Crisis Z






Game Description

Survival Crisis Z is a survival-horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Before the game begins, the player can select his or her class, gender, and affiliation with one of three groups (Neutral, SWAT, and Rebel). The ultimate goal is to discover the source of the plague. To accomplish this, the player must survive by scavenging supplies, interacting with other survivors, and managing his or her fatigue and hunger.

The game also comes with an arcade mode where the goal is simply to kill as many zombies as possible with an infinite amount of pistol ammo.

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Game Info

horror violence gore survival zombies isometric  
Date of Release:
January 2004
Ska Studios
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Windows: exe 7.7 MB


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Cj-darkanjel 5
I found this game awhile back while trying to find random zombie games online. Oddly enough, I didn’t find it through a blog or database, but purely through google search, which generally isn’t a good sign for a game’s quality.

However, once I managed to get used to the controls I became addicted to the game for the next week or so. (which is a long time for me.)

When I first tried this game, I nearly crapped in my pants, as it was late at night and I had no idea how the engine worked. Zombies appeared to follow me from one room to another, and would pop out at random, sometimes in large bulks.

This is one of the better parts of the game. Zombies can follow you, and zombies spawn randomly, which means you always have to be on guard. When anywhere between one and 50 zombies can come at you anytime you walk near a building, and they can follow you, letting your guard down can be like trying to convince a serial killer to put the knife down.

Beyond the zombie problems, there’s also factional issues. There are two groups (besides neutral), the swat, and the rebels, that wander the randomly generated map. They will shoot each other and depending on your standing, they will shoot you. You have a statstic for your reputation in both groups, and once it hits negative, you can expect trouble from people with guns.

There are safe houses scattered about the map, some have factional allegiances (which can make them very unsafe), where you can rest, get missions and buy stuff.

Missions are generally either “kill everything in a specific place.” or “go to a specific place.” As the game progresses you encounter some boss fights.

You can also “take over” a safe house which requires you to slaughter a rather large horde of allied humans, or an even larger horde of zombies in a neutral house. This tends to be obscenely hard but is the best way to “devolop” your character.

Taking over an allied safe house is the best way to stock up on guns and ammo, and every safe house you own adds to your party size, average weapon level in party, and money per kill. This is intially a small bonus, but eventually you’ll have three additional party members all with high level weapons, and you’ll strike it rich every time you tear through a zombie horde.

Overall, the game has a lot of depth to it, and its primary flaw is the somewhat unintuitive controls, and accessing the map (which is a must on missions), requires you to scroll through your weapons. However, It managed to keep my attention long enough for me to take over every safe house in the city.

Oh yes, and you if you have duck tape and a car battery you can torture a leader of safe haven. Thats awesome.